Taking Inspiration from Vogue, Fall Edition Part II

I never considered myself a Vogue girl (I was always loyal to Lucky Magazine) though I did buy a copy once, a rare glossy tome on my small-town grocery store shelves. The cover had an ivory-skinned Drew Barrymore, clad in chiffon, in a forest with a lion, I think. Inside was a piece about the… Continue reading Taking Inspiration from Vogue, Fall Edition Part II


Nostalgic Planning, Fall Edition

I've been doing heaps of thinking about what I want my fall/winter wardrobe to look like, given that I'll be transitioning from Hawaiian sunshine to the chill of the English countryside in October. I still can't believe it's happening...and no matter how hard I try, I keep picturing myself in period costume, strolling around the… Continue reading Nostalgic Planning, Fall Edition

The Shopping Fast Begins Today

  After a few months of what felt like endless purchasing, returning, re-ordering and refunds, I've just about had it with my shopping habit. I've let some uncharacteristically irresponsible purchases slide lately in the name of "rebuilding my wardrobe" or "investing in basics," and while I'm not beating myself up about it I'd really rather… Continue reading The Shopping Fast Begins Today